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Studio Release Notes (2024-03-11)

Studio Release Notes (2024-03-11)

In this Studio release (March 11), Studio introduces a Media Management interface to give Studio admins a holistic view of Studio content in their institution’s account.


 New Feature


Admin Media Management


Studio introduces a Media Management interface to give Admins a holistic view of Studio content in their institution’s account. The Media Management page includes Course, Users, and Media tabs allowing Admins to easily locate media and analyze usage across their account.



Studio Admins can access Media Management in the Navigation Menu.




Filtering options allow media to be filtered by course, user, and media parameters.




Course filtering options include start date, status, term, teacher, and number of Studio content and quizzes.



Users filtering options include user role, number of Studio content, and Inactive enrollments.



Media filtering options include media type, upload date range, media duration, media tags, and captioning and quiz availability.



If a list has been filtered, the (Filtered) notification displays, as well as the applied filters. Single filters can be deleted by clicking the Delete icon, and all filters can be deleted by clicking the Clear course filters link.




The Courses tab lists all courses in the account containing Studio content. The course name search field allows admins to search for a specific course. The Term, Status, and Studio Content columns can be sorted. The View Course Media link allows admins to view all the media in the corresponding course.




The Users tab lists all users and includes details about their Studio content. User information includes student or teacher enrollments, number of Studio content items, the user’s Studio content storage total, and the user’s email.




The Media tab lists all Studio media items in the account. Media information includes the media title, number of courses including the media, the media last viewed date, the media upload date, and the media duration. The media title column displays the quiz icon to easily identify media with a quiz. The size column displays the file size for media recorded or uploaded into Studio, or an icon indicating the media is imported from Vimeo, YouTube, or Zoom.




The View Details link opens the Media Details tray, showing a summary of details for the media including the media description, courses in which the media is embedded, and a list of users the media has been shared with.




The Media tab also includes bulk actions.


Admins can bulk select media content to delete or tag.


Tagging allows admins to easily specify items for review, such as notifying faculty of media that will be deleted. Tags can be selected in the Filters tray.

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