User Group—It's a Wrap!

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Hi, everyone!

We appreciate you all participating in this user group and sharing your feedback (and enthusiasm!) for Canvas for Elementary. 

As noted in  Project Update - November 5, our product team feels all objectives have been completed for this user group. Canvas for Elementary has a few features left to bring you tomorrow, but otherwise the feature functionality is off and running.

So what happens now?

The User Group will be available until November 23, at which point all users will be removed. All resources (such as the Canvas for Elementary Guides) are being moved into all regular Community resources, so you'll still be able to access them.

Until then...

  • Feel free to wrap up any outstanding conversations with other users in this group (and follow their user profiles if you've met any friends with whom you want to keep in touch!) Once your group access is removed, you won't be able to access any content in the group anymore.
  • Join the K12 Canvas Users Group where you can keep the conversations going about Canvas for Elementary. Make sure you include the C4E tag in your posts, which will let you view all conversations in the group with the C4E tag.
  • Our product team will be making sure they've addressed any outstanding feedback remaining in this user group—if you feel like something has been missed and you want to make sure we get a last set of eyes on it, tag @jsailor asap.

Thanks again!