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Size of Class Banner

I use Canvas in the middle school setting.  We regularly ask that students navigate to "Modules" to locate materials for class.  When modeling how to navigate to resources on my computer 75% of my screen is consumed by my decorative class banner.  When viewing modules for a specific class I do not see a reason why this decorative banner should be prioritized.


Missing My Old Canvas Pages

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We have teachers that feel the same way. The banner has too much height.

Things are worse for the teacher with even more space consumed by the "Manage Subject" and "Student View" buttons.

I think if the css removed "position: sticky;" from this div then it would scroll away. I disabled it in Chrome dev tools and get this: 


This would be so helpful!  Is this something that I could edit so it is changed permanately? I was able to navigate to Chrome Dev Tools but I am not sure what to do from there.  Thank you for your previous post!

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We also been receiving requests about this. It really limits the content that a student can see on their screen. Besides the over-use of real estate, the resizing of the image as you scroll down is jumpy and not that nice of an experience to look at. My preference would be to see the banner scroll off the top of the screen rather than locking in place or have it scroll up to the top of the page and it lock so that just the bottom piece of the banner with the course name locks at the top.