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All About the Canvas Users Group Toolkit

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What are Canvas User Groups?

We continually emphasize the importance, and wholeheartedly support involvement in the customer-hosted Canvas User Groups because it serves to accelerate the communal value realization and customer success through ongoing engagement, education, and experience sharing.

Canvas User Groups:

  • Are independent customer-run communities
  • Thrive on networking with like-minded (often regional) organizations and institutions
  • Openly share knowledge and best practices in approaches and pragmatic applications to teaching and learning
  • Provide functional guidance through sharing of ideas
  • Enable our customers to better engage in the increasingly dynamic environment of learning

Are You a Member Yet?

User group gatherings can take many forms: from smaller meetings at local schools, or larger gatherings at district offices, to more formal regional conferences, and online and digital meet-ups—there is a flavor of a Canvas User Group to meet your needs.

Where Are the Resources?

We’ve built a toolkit of Canvas-ready resources that you can leverage today—whether you are building a User Group from scratch or you have been running one for a few years.  These resources help you bring the magic of Canvas-approved branding to your presentations and promoting your events. That’s Marketing speak for: we’ve got you covered!

Upcoming Events

Browse through the list of upcoming user group events—then attend, expand your network (and your mind!), and tap into the specialized expertise to enhance your success in Canvas! There are many User Groups, likely one close to you. Find a group in your area and get involved today!

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