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Instructor Overview of Respondus Monitor

Community Team
Community Team
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This livestream is intended for instructors who plan to use LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor with Canvas quizzes. LockDown Browser is a custom browser that prevents digital cheating during Canvas quizzes. Respondus Monitor is a companion product for LockDown Browser that deters cheating when students take Canvas quizzes in non-proctored environments. Students use their own computers with a standard webcam to record assessment sessions, and instructors can review data and video after the assessment.

We’ll cover:

  • How to use LockDown Browser + Respondus Monitor to protect exam integrity
  • The student perspective using LockDown Browser + Respondus Monitor
  • Efficient review of post-exam assessment data, including the Review Priority system, timeline, and milestone features
  • Best practices and tips for success with both applications.

Partner Profile

The features discussed in this session may require additional paid services of a third party provider. Please check out the Respondus partner page for more information. 

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, everyone, a reminder that will start just about one hour from now (at 3:10 PM EDT).

Community Member

Hello -I am not seeing anything happening with the webinar.  Might I not be accessing it correctly?  Thank you.

Community Team
Community Team

It has been underway for about 10 minutes,  @stephen_rankin ‌. You can access it through this link or by clicking on the Play button at the top of this page. If you're already there, try refreshing the screen.