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Advocacy: Advocate Values

Advocacy: Advocate Values

Advocates are independent contractors who own their own opinions and actions. As Advocates we expect you to follow the Community guidelines, as well as a few others!

Practice Kindness

Follow the golden rule of “treat others as you would want to be treated” and you’re within this guideline. Then take that a step further and ask yourself each day how you can practice kindness and build up one person, or many!

Serve Genuinely

A servant's heart is an invaluable commodity. The ability to genuinely care for another human's needs even, and especially, when you might not know them personally. How will you help people get answers to their questions and solve problems in a way that they know you genuinely care about their success?

Speak Honestly and Respectfully

You can share your opinion; just make sure to label it as such. Sometimes honesty also means sharing truths that people need to hear, not want to hear. Just make sure they are fact driven, not circumstantial, anecdotal, or opinion and done with kindness, not condescension. Also, don’t be upset if your opinion does not match those of others; respect diversity of experience and perspective.

Share Openly

Everyone has something great to give. You might not think that anything you’re doing is new or creative, but look around for it and if you can’t find something similar, share! You’ll most likely save someone a lot of time trying to solve the same problem. The same applies in giving back. Look for others that have posted questions or other resources and build upon them. It is rare that a single idea is ever original, and even more rare that an idea would not be strengthened or improved from collaboration!

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Ah...these values "speak-my-language".

One of the most fitting statements in regard to serving is: "to whom much is given, much is required". 

I take this to mean that simply: our achievements are never truly "for ourselves". 

Put another way: any milestone-marker that we are blessed to cross--was never meant to be a "trophy" gathering dust on the "mantle" of our achievements.  On the contrary, there is an obligation to (with joy) share, encourage, inspire--and even goad others to do the same. 

The servant model, exhibits the empathetic property of coming "alongside"  those we support.

To genuinely:

  • In their success - Rejoice!     
  • During their setback - Encourage!
  • Thru their tribulation - Comfort!

In short: neither ourselves, nor our accomplishments--are merely our own, but are for one another Smiley HappySmiley HappySmiley Happy 

Well said,  @tlampley  !

Truly, the joy in customer service is SERVING; and in serving well, everyone wins!  This is the foundation of a true community!


I Love this,  

True Key to Happiness, is Kindness.