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August 29, 2022


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Read on if you’d like to learn more about the archive process.

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Hello Community!

Did you know that the Community is currently home to over 47,875 Canvas-related questions? That’s an amazing statement about Community members’ drive to support each other through the initial adoption, troubleshooting, and advancement of Canvas use. 

A number of Community members have brought it to our attention that retaining questions and conversations dating back to April 2015 can feel overwhelming, especially to those who are new to Canvas. We acknowledge this feedback, and we agree.

To better help you and your fellow Community members find relevant and current content, our first archive in the Question Forums will take place on Thursday, August 25.

Why archive?

We weighed the benefits and challenges of archiving material from our Community. During the last seven years, an incredible amount of knowledge has been shared within the Canvas Question Forum. The collaborative mentality of Community members like yourself is an incredible gift for others who share your teaching and learning journey.

We acknowledge that some of the older threads still hold value and are still considered best practices. However, when technology and education advance so quickly, Community members should feel confident that they found a solution that will help them accomplish their goals.

With this first archive event, we will retire all content in the Question Forum that was authored on or before July 31, 2019. This will allow all questions less than three years old to remain in the Question Forum. During this process, we will also identify the older threads that received replies within the last 6-months and allow those to remain available. We feel this change will positively impact the quality, efficiency, and relevancy of your searches as well!

This will be the only time this number of items will be removed from the Community at once. Moving forward, you’ll notice a quarterly cleanup.

What if I lose access to something I need?

If you saved a link to a favorite conversation that happens to be archived, don’t worry! You can submit a “restoration request” at any time by completing our form. The Community Team’s goal is to review requests on Tuesdays.