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Mise en place is a French culinary phrase that means to “put in place” or “gather together.” Mise en place allows a baker to smoothly move through a recipe. At Instructure, we are always looking for ways to enhance our product offerings to give our customers the best possible user experience. Exciting things are happening in our Instructure “kitchen” as we add Concentric Sky and their product, Badgr, to our product ingredient lineup. 

Badgr, a micro-credentialing tool, has officially joined the Canvas LMS ranks as Instructure acquires Concentric Sky. Badgr will be rebranded as “Canvas Badges'' as it joins the Instructure Learning Platform. At an additional cost, customers can upgrade to Badgr Pro’s suite of tools in the new “Canvas Credentials.” 

Canvas Badges is free to Canvas LMS customers and is already integrated directly into Canvas LMS. Canvas Badges allows educational organizations of all shapes and sizes to award badges, verify and track achievements, and provide stackable learning pathways and shareable learner records.

Canvas Credentials allows badge program administrators to advance their badging system using a set of enhanced tools. These offerings include unlimited badging, leaderboards, analytics, and personalized pathway progress visualizations. 

Sugar. Butter. Flour. All ingredients essential to making a perfect cake. But, the best kinds of cakes are the ones that took the extra steps to elevate the tried and true recipe by adding new, and exciting ingredients. By adding Canvas Badges and Canvas Credentials to our ingredient lineup, Instructure is showcasing its commitment to empowering our users to navigate their personalized learning journeys. We know our users are accomplishing AMAZING things and we hope Canvas Badges will help enable them to carry the proof of their academic achievements and skills development throughout their life. 

Let’s get baking! 🍰

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