Small Moments Begin with Confetti: Celebrating 3 Years of Confetti Magic in Canvas



Confetti has been a symbol of joy, happiness, and celebration for centuries – from flowers and tokens to paper and sugar-coated almonds. In line with this enduring cultural and emotional significance, Canvas LMS introduced a fun and simple feature in 2020 - confetti for students’ on-time assignment submissions. Little did we know that this seemingly small addition would make a significant impact on students and educators alike.


Finding Positivity Within Celebrations

Completing and turning in an assignment is always an accomplishment, regardless of the amount of effort needed. Because of this, we know students sought confirmation and an emotional boost when submitting their work, work that may have involved hours of time. 

With the flurry of confetti marking key accomplishments and brightening the mood, the introduction of the feature in Canvas has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. This simple act of acknowledgment and reinforcement creates a more personalized approach to learning, especially in an online environment. In an age when we’re always on the go, to the next lesson, the next test, and the next year, confetti gives students the space to intentionally celebrate the success of each individual step.

Students of all ages express their love for the feature. Confetti has become the motivation for submitting work on time and sometimes provides just the right amount of emotional support they need after dedicating themselves to a challenging assignment. Confetti highlights the importance of small, positive moments to the student within their educational journey. 

Educators and administrators have also embraced the confetti feature. You see the benefits it brings to their students such as creating positive reinforcement, encouraging a growth mindset, and increasing motivation and engagement. 

We’ve also heard educators, students, and administrators express interest in seeing this feature grow. Students want to see it in areas like quizzes, discussions, and, even, late submissions. Educators have also expressed interest in a confetti feature for when they finish grading or clearing items from their to-do list. Administrators would like to be able to customize their confetti icons to align with their themes, subjects, or school branding. 

The joy, motivation, and adoption the Canvas confetti feature has brought to students and educators alike demonstrate the power of small, thoughtful additions in creating a more engaging and supportive learning environment. 


Confetti in Action

Confetti in Canvas has transformed the experience of submitting assignments. As our community grows, it is essential to recognize and embrace the significance of such small but powerful additions that enhance the overall user experience.

To learn more about the confetti feature in Canvas LMS, check out these guides:

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Let's continue to make learning more engaging and enjoyable for everyone!

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