The Power of the "This Answered My Question" Button

Community Team
Community Team


Hello, Instructure Community!

Today, a new button was added to each Question Forum. This great little tool was added to help you and all Community members quickly identify useful answers and to save you time! 



The Instructure Community hosts hundreds of new questions each month, and the more you can help identify high-quality answers as you look for your solutions, the better! Think about it as a way of paying it forward, because good questions are often repeated questions. As more people find the answer and identify it as a solution, the count is shared right next to the button. It’s definitely more powerful than a “like” on a reply!



As you explore the many Question Forums, you’re learning alongside 1.84-million other Community members. That’s a lot of thinking, connecting, and discovery to happen in a single site! As we enter into the busiest season in the Instructure Community, let's continue to uplift each other and continue to bring positivity into your replies and experiences. Each time you click the new This Answered My Question button or the Like button, you’re providing a “thank you” and positive feedback for those who take the time to share their expertise. 

The feedback on helpful and accurate answers also helps the Instructure Community team more easily identify these answers so we can share and promote them to other areas in the Community. As we all identify correct answers that helped answer our similar questions, we ultimately help the Community Question Forums become easier to navigate for everyone.