We're Making Your Move to New Quizzes Easier than Ever


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There's nothing quite like trying to effectively address the giant elephant in the room, especially when that elephant is dressed bedazzled in pink sparkles (my ballroom dancing days make me well-versed in sparkles). But here we are, ready to talk about New Quizzes!

Along with our new chief product officer, Shiren Vijiasingam, I have spent a lot of time talking to our customers about New Quizzes. I love hearing how educators are using new tools that we’re developing, especially when it comes to quizzing and assessing within Canvas. During those conversations, I have also heard that for many of our customers, they need more resources to be ready to transition to New Quizzes. 

So we listened and acted when many of you expressed interest in directly engaging with us on essential product rollouts and decisions—like this transition from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes. We've taken that feedback to heart as we've created this updated/refreshed rollout for New Quizzes. 


What’s Our Priority?

We aim to ensure every customer has a seamless and successful transition to New Quizzes. If that means you need to keep using Classic Quizzes for a while—that’s just fine. If it means you’re ready to move to New Quizzes right now—that’s great, too!  We want you to move to New Quizzes because you’re ready and see it’s the best solution for you and your students, not because we’ve set an arbitrary deadline. Therefore, you do not need to move to New Quizzes by July 2024. In fact, we're not going to set a deadline as we want you to move when you're ready to experience everything New Quizzes has to offer and do it within a timeline that works for your staff and students.

We’ve also prioritized developing the critical features in New Quizzes you’ve told us are needed to transition successfully to the updated product. Our team is adding resources to focus on releasing key features, such as improvements, API access, and accessibility elements, to name a few.

We understand that not every institution is the same. So we’ll keep partnering with each of you to make sure we meet your unique needs as you plan your transition to New Quizzes.


What’s Happening with Classic Quizzes?

We’ll keep supporting Classic Quizzes. We won’t add any new features, but we’ll keep fixing critical bugs and maintaining the product. We will not set a new end-of-life date for now but will allow for our client adoption to signal when the time is right. 


Are There Any Changes to New Quizzes?

New Quizzes’ awesomeness is our top quiz priority. We’re focusing more resources on this component of Canvas, which means we’ll have more feature releases than ever before coming up this year. 


How Can I Get the Latest Info on New Quizzes?

We understand that learning to use a new learning tool can be intimidating and time-consuming. We don’t want that for our customers. So we’ve created a New Quizzes Hub, where you’ll find all the latest info, release notes, product roadmaps, and more so you can plan your successful migration to New Quizzes. The hub is where we show you the path to the New Quizzes experience. We’ve even kicked off a New Quizzes celebration series with planned events and activities focused on New Quizzes features and ongoing development. If you haven’t already, I invite you to join The Community, and connect directly with other peers on what they’ve planned and how they’re deploying (and finding success with New Quizzes)!


As I mentioned in the beginning, keep the feedback coming. I (and everyone I work with here at Instructure) want to hear from you so we continue to ensure you have the best experience possible with all of our products. Openness is a core value we remain committed to, so please keep this dialogue going, especially around such a critical component of Canvas as New Quizzes. 

Have you made the transition to New Quizzes yet? Or are you waiting? We’d love to hear what you think, or why you’re sticking with Classic Quizzes for now. Whether it's with me or your CSM or someone else supporting you, we will make sure the feedback you share is leveraged to the fullest extent possible to ensure you love all aspects of Canvas and our full product family.


Keep Learning,


Originally posted on October 26, 2022 at Instructure.com