2022 Branding Announcement– Instructure in Bloom!

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Community Team
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Wonderful changes are all around us! It's amazing to experience the ways in which the Instructure product garden grows as it truly begins to bloom!

In recent years, Instructure has grown significantly as we've expanded product offerings through a series of acquisitions. And with that growth, we have also seen opportunities to fertilize our mission to amplify teaching, elevate learning, and intensify impact to improve student outcomes. 

Today, the Instructure Learning Platform reinforces our commitment to learning on a personal level through software, assessment tools, content, professional development, partner technologies, and a million-member-strong collaborative online user Community.

To clearly articulate the products and product families that make up our Instructure Learning Platform garden, we're excited to launch a beautiful new branding architecture on March 31st. This will create consistency, provide clarity, and let us continue to grow and bloom into the future.

djackson_1-1648693415821.pngA garden thrives by adhering to the principle, "right plant, right place." And a flower grows best when grouped with others that flourish under the same growing conditions. That is just what Instructure plans on doing with its product brands – placing them strategically so they can thrive in their own right and grow alongside the sub-brands that compliment them best. They’ll bloom and mature together, in one space, with the consistent admiration and investment of one caregiver, Instructure.

While some of the product’s names or logos are changing to create better brand alignment, it’s important to remember that the changes in Instructure’s branding should have no functional impact on your experience with the products you’ve grown to love. The only minor exception to this is Portfolium. To streamline the customer experience, the Portfolium ePortfolio will soon be integrated directly into Canvas LMS, replacing our legacy ePortfolio, and be called Canvas Student ePortfolios. The same will apply to Portfolium Pathways. This solution will become stand-alone and renamed Canvas Student Pathways, growing alongside the other Canvas sub-brands.

These brands – Canvas, Mastery, Elevate, and Impact – are just budding around the Community, and in the coming months, we all will watch the changes come to full bloom in our resources, user groups, and events. The Community Team is also excited to see how these updates will energize the documents, conversations, and events that Community members routinely use to support their own growth!

To learn more about the branding changes, you can always refer to Instructure’s Brand Guide which summarizes the changes for all users. You can also review the Product Naming Updates for summaries of the Instructure Learning Platform.While comments added to this blog post will be monitored by members of the Community Team, if you have any questions about the changes to Instructure’s branding, you are also welcome to reach out to brand@instructure.com🌱