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Badges/Points for joining groups

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This is a silly question, but bugging me:

Do we ever get any badges or points for joining groups?   There is a Badge called "Join Groups" in the "Places" page under earning points but I never see any point activity.  I've joined groups. . .

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 @don_bryn , a list of all of the Community badges is available here: What types of badges are available in the Community?  The second badge on that list, Assembly Day, is awarded for joining groups. (I didn't actually see a badge called Join Groups.) When you navigate to your profile and click on the Assembly Day badge, the reverse side reveals the completion requirements.

If at any time you haven't received a badge that you think you should have received, click on the Badge Fail button at the bottom of this page and fill out the Google form to request your badge.

Last, because this question is about the Community, and not about the Canvas LMS per se, I've moved it to the Meta Community Group​. If you're not yet a member, click on the group link, then on the Actions menu at the upper right, and select Join Group.

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