Be You: Community Conversation on Generic Accounts

Community Team
Community Team

We have four fun and simple Canvas Community guidelines


Be Cool


Be You


Pitch ideas, not products.


Stay on Target

Can you help us dive deeper into #2?

Community Building and Online Presence research preach that presence is built by allowing individuals to know more about what makes you, you, and commonalities that you share.

Our Community team, and many of you, have noticed many generic accounts in the Community.  Previously, a generic "Canvas Admin" or "Canvas Support" account was necessary for institutions to facilitate more than one individual handling support tickets in Zendesk.  Reasons may exist at an Institution level, but is there a justification for a generic account in the Community?  We're not sure, which is why we are asking the Community!

Here are a few hurdles we have identified when we allow generic accounts:

  1. @mentioning individuals can be difficult when there are 50+ members with the same name.
  2. A generic name like "Canvas Admin", "Canvas Support" may lead a newcomer to believe it is an account of authority in the Community.
  3. It is odd to reply and converse with a community member that does not have a real identity.  Someone likened it to holding a conversation with someone attending a cocktail party in a ski mask - Creepy.
  4. Generic accounts are not tied to an individual and could be used to skew a vote?  Not saying anyone would be dishonest, it's just better when there is an individual attached to a vote!

What do you think?

  • Should generic accounts be allowed in the Community?
  • If there is a place for generic accounts, should those accounts be allowed to vote?
  • Are there any other facts or thoughts the Community Team should consider before making a decision?