Stories, Insights and Reflections from 2018 in Tasmania

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Now it’s time to take stock on the year that was in Tasmania – 2018.

We accomplished so much as individuals, as a blended learning team and as a state wide department.

Here are a few highlights from us:

  • Canvas, our brand new Learning Management System (LMS), began in all state schools across the state. It replaced a rather clunky, under-utilised, and unloved LMS.
  • Our Blended Learning Leaders, a team of teachers, supported many schools K-12 across the state.
  • Our Blended Learning Leaders also supported a variety of projects and teams. These continue to grow as people see different potential and purposes for their use.
  • Our talented creative team created templates, courses, resources and gave wise advice to us new to the design game.
  • Our team presented live broadcasts to staff state wide on things blended and Canvas.
  • Canvas was used for state wide moderation and staff professional learning.
  • Remote schools were well supported by our team with visits and ongoing communication.
  • Solid relationships have been built with so many staff members within the Department across the whole state with regards to blending learning and using Canvas.
  • A whole lot of learning and fun happened - and continues to.

So grateful for:

What I'm still aiming for:

We can never lose sight, like I did those years ago, about what technology is. It’s a tool. It’s an amplifier. It is not the learning goal. The app, the tool, the device, is not the “game-changer.” What the students do with it for learning is.