Updates to Community Ranks and Roles

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Community Team
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In preparation for an updated and simpler sign-in process to be announced in the coming months, the Instructure Community Team wants to also take time to explain the changes coming to our Ranks and Roles.

Where do you find a Community Member’s rank or role? These are the little titles immediately underneath a username when reading a thread! …and they are great for determining how active they are in the Community or if they’re part of a leadership group.


Since 2020, we have grown to become familiar with the ranks of:

  • Community Champion
  • Community Contributor
  • Community Participant
  • Community Member

We created these ranks to celebrate the Community Members who actively participate and contribute to our Question Forums, Ideas, and Interest Groups. We also hope that it becomes an encouragement to explore and share even more! For reference, Community Champions are those who have provided the most insight, tips, stories, and guidance. (Fun fact: less than 0.05% of our Community Members have reached the rank of Contributor or Champion.) To those special, super-invested people, thank you for continuously helping our Community grow! 


undraw_Random_thoughts_re_cob6.pngStarting May 2, you’ll see a brand-new New Member rank. This will allow the Community Team and all members to help those who are the newest in our Community. Additionally, it allows us to redirect those who aren’t here to collaborate or participate according to our Guidelines.   What are the Canvas Community guidelines? 

With this change, the Community Team will also adjust the activities and contributions required to be rewarded a specific rank. Don’t worry though! We’ll make sure that all of the information about each rank is available for all Community Members so they can easily level up and align their activities to their professional goals. How do I rank up in the Instructure Community? 

With the realignment of the activities needed for each rank, there is a small chance that a Community Member sees a decrease in rank. If that happens to you, please let the Community Team know by May 30, 2022. We will take care of you and make sure that the rank you have on May 2nd is what you had on May 1st.


Of course, you’ve also seen special roles for active leaders in the Instructure Community. These are manually added and are completely separate from a Community member's earned rank. (It is not possible to not earn these Roles or titles by participating in the Community.)

  • Community Team
  • Instructure
  • Partner
  • Community Coach
  • Advocate

In early April, we exchanged a panda icon for the super-recognizable Instructure logo for all employees who participate in the Community. We hope this helps as you interact with Community activities and content. You may also see the icons next to other leadership Roles updates in the future too to make it even easier to identify quality responses.