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The Community is a never-ending haven of collaborative threads that capture learning, discovery, and growth. The Community Team organizes and upkeeps over 2,600 guides for the users of Canvas, Mastery, Elevate, and Impact. It also maintains product-specific question forums, many user and special interest groups, blogs, Ideas  & Themes, and Instructure Live.

As a team, we acknowledge that we couldn't accomplish the things we do without the 1.7-million Community members actively creating content while building connections between people, classroom goals, and learning opportunities. To help put the amount of teamwork that went into building the Community’s resources in perspective, last year, over 50,000 people visited the Community daily and contributed to over 6,000 new questions. (If you're curious to see more of these outstanding stats, see our 2022 Recap!) While we often don’t pause to shine a spotlight on ourselves, we’d like to introduce you to our team – the incredible group of individuals who work behind the scenes to make the Community the awesome place it is, somewhere where we hope you feel welcomed and supported.


What does the Community Team Do?

tl:dr – lots of things with lots of care. 

Instructure’s Community Team is part of Instructure’s Customer Experience. More specifically, the Community is part of Instructure's Support team. We manage and update thousands of guides, help answer countless user questions, help communicate product changes, and facilitate opportunities for customers and Instructure employees to connect and learn from one another. Great learning happens within the Community every day.

We love it here, and we hope you do too!


What’s our Purpose?  

There’s one statement that unifies our team: Empowering people with information and opportunities for connection to use Instructure software successfully. This mission statement motivates us to keep high-quality technical support at the heart of the resources we build and the learning opportunities we develop. More than anything, we hope that the Community is a place where people find the confidence to fuel their own passion for learning and the tools to build a meaningful and personal collection of resources and a professional network that helps them do incredible things in the classroom - no matter their role.

Our 2023 Goals:

  • Ensure clear, concise, and high-quality technical guides and resources for all Instructure products. 
  • Increase Community created content and engagement across all Instructure products.
  • Simplify the user experience and improve the user flow throughout the Community.
  • Support internal departments (ex. Product, CSMs) in delivering communication and engagement opportunities to Customers. 
  • Build a hierarchy of Community that is clear and incentivizes participation and growth.


Who makes up the Community Team?

Who are we? A dedicated group of 15 enthusiastic individuals who want to make the experience with Instructure’s products as positive as possible. We’re people who value personalized learning experiences, genuine communication, and honest relationships.

If you're hoping to spot us, look for the little panda on some user profiles. That’s us! You can see the role Community Team proudly displayed next to the avatar as well.

Within the Community Team, there are actually four smaller teams, grouped by product family. We love this approach because it lets us focus on and specialize in specific aspects of the entire  Community experience - Documentation, releases, support questions, and engagement - while collaboratively ensuring that you have the best possible resources and opportunities in the Community.

Click the team name to learn more about its goals and the individuals who contribute to its projects!


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