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Collaborations - Getting Started

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When I was first learning how to use Canvas I discovered Collaborations. Talk about excited! So keen was I to share the joy that I wrote Collaborations – Changed my world!

I'm fortunate in my position to travel around to schools to share the magic of Canvas and at any opportunity I extol the virtues of Collaborations. BUT I've discovered a wee blip in getting started with this cool tool. It's tricky (very frustrating) for first time users. After way too many error alerts we have come to the conclusion that:


  • Before you make your first collaboration you MUST sign in to Office365.
  • Keep it open in another tab.
  • Then create your Collaboration. 

It should be smooth sailing from there. 

And the wonderful  @jivedocs_unfede  have created this guide to get you started too. 

How do I create a Microsoft Office 365 collaboration?  


Have fun collaborating.