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New Ideation Stage:  Product Radar

Community Team
Community Team
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TL;DR: We’re adding a Canvas Feature Idea stage to better communicate what is on our radar and what we are planning for the future.


We are adding the Product Radar stage to identify ideas that are on the radar of our product team, but are not currently planned for development or in development.


Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • The product team will comment on ideas of their choosing, quarterly.  These ideas will move to an appropriate stage, including Product Radar.
  • Voting will remain open for ideas in the Product Radar stage.
  • An idea may stay in Product Radar, indefinitely.
  • Product Radar Ideas may eventually move into other stages including In Development, or Complete.  Ideas that we decide not to implement will be moved to Archived.
  • Resubmissions of Product Radar ideas will be archived.


Here’s why:

Very frequently there is a conversation at Canvas HQ that goes something like this:

Community Manager, “Hey, Check out this idea that received so many votes.”

Product Manager, “Hey, That’s a great idea!  I love this.”

Community Manager, “Awesome!  So, we’re going to build this, right?”

Sad Product Manger, “No, not now. We have to do X, Y, and Z first.”

Sad Community Manager, “So, like, we’ll never do this?”

Product Manager, “Not NEVER, we just can’t say when we’ll be able to.  We want to but it's too far in the future to tell.  It is on our radar though.”






So now there is an idea stage for things that are on our product managers’ collective radar - they know about it, understand the need, want to build it but cannot say when it will be possible.


*Read more about the Ideation process and idea stages in and How does the voting process work for feature ideas?