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Canvas Community Feedback/Comment Guidelines

Canvas Community Feedback/Comment Guidelines

Do you have feedback about a Canvas feature? We love to hear your thoughts!

Generally feedback falls into one of three categories: General feedback, feedback about broken functionality, or feedback for feature enhancements.


General Feedback

We love to hear how excited you are about new or updated features. If you want to share your general enthusiasm about a feature, feel free to do so by leaving a comment. Popular documents for leaving comments include Canvas Release Notes and product blog posts. 

You can learn more about how to leave a comment in the Help FAQ page.

Comment Policies

Like in all areas of the Canvas Community, we value your comments!

Please note that the Canvas Community is a moderated forum, and all comments are subject to the Canvas Community Guidelines.

Release notes have their own set of comment policies, which can be viewed here: All about Release Notes 

Broken Functionality

When features don’t seem to be working correctly, our Canvas Support team works tirelessly to make sure that our product and engineering teams are aware of your concerns so they can be addressed as quickly as possible. We do want to make sure our features are working exactly as intended, so if you test a feature and find behavior that seems amiss, the best course of action is to let our Canvas Support team know!

We know it’s extremely easy to let us know something doesn’t work in a community comment somewhere, but we can better help you when you submit a Canvas support case. Our amazing Canvas Support team is standing by to help you with all your concerns. As an added benefit of filing a support case, you’ll be able to track your questions and always be notified when an update is posted. Filing a support case is like hiring a personal investigator. How cool would that be?

How do I submit a support case?

Your institution should have a way for you to submit support cases and let you know how to do it. Generally you can find more information about getting help in Canvas through your Canvas Global Navigation Help menu. 

Your institution may allow you to file a support case to Canvas directly; you may also be able to call or chat with Canvas support as well.

Your institution may also have its own ticketing system, where the support cases you create are sent to your Canvas admin, or sometimes your institution's IT desk, for review. These types of ticketing systems are connected to Canvas, so cases can still be sent directly to Canvas support. 

Admins can learn more about support options in How can I manage support tickets for my institution? 

Feature Enhancements

Canvas features are built using product research and user testing to benefit the greatest amount of users. But we do recognize that some of you may have feature recommendations based on personal preference and workflow. For the product team, feature recommendations are called feature ideas, which are managed in our Idea Conversations.

Feature ideas require more product and engineering review than can be given during the short beta period, so they are generally considered after the feature has been released to production. Production availability also allows our product team to review how the feature is actually being used by customers and how it has been received. Learn more about the Feature Idea process.

Any feature ideas that are incorporated into Canvas at a later date are included in Canvas Release Notes.

How do I submit a feature idea?

If you’re thinking about giving feature idea feedback, please follow these two simple requests:

  • Before submitting an idea, check to see if an idea already exists in Idea Conversations. You can browse by stage or feature/interest. 
  • If you find a related idea, you can vote for it and also leave comments supporting the idea. As a product team, we really appreciate hearing your comments about how an idea is going to benefit you directly.
  • When submitting a new idea, be sure to include the appropriate tag as part of your idea. Tagging ideas helps our community team keep ideas sorted with the correct feature.
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