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Web Conferencing in Canvas

As users migrate to a mostly online space, web conferences will be an integral part of student and faculty success.
Institutions can use web conferencing in Canvas through the Canvas Conferences tool or through enabling an LTI that provides its own web conferencing functionality.

Some institutions may have conferences disabled or may use alternate forms outside of Canvas. Please check your institution if you have any questions with these scenarios.


Canvas Conferences Overview

Canvas integrates with BigBlueButton to provide a conferencing tool to Canvas users. Canvas customers can choose to use the free version of Canvas Conferences or use the premium tier for additional reporting and functionality.

For information on creating and managing conferences within the Canvas interface, view the Canvas documentation below. For information on using the BigBlueButton conferencing tool, view the BigBlueButton documentation below.


Canvas Documentation





BigBlueButton Documentation






LTI Web Conferences Overview

Admins can enabled a web conference LTI at the account level and instructors can enable a web conference LTI at the course level. For more information, view the lessons below.




External Tool Providers

The following section includes several web conferencing solutions that offer LTI tools that connect to Canvas. View the links in each section for guidance on installing and using these tools. You may also want to refer to the website of the tool creator for more information.

Blackboard Collaborate

Institutions that use Blackboard Collaborate can learn more about configuring and using the tool by viewing the Installation and Configuration Guide and the Blackboard Help website.

Google Hangouts Meet

Google is giving free access to their advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities to all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers globally through July 2020.

If you would like to connect with students using Google Hangouts Meet as your conferencing tool, you have the ability to add a Hangout to your Canvas Course, Course Announcement, or Module. Please view this document for more information on adding Google Hangouts Meet to Canvas.

Microsoft Teams Meetings

On March 15, the Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI was released to Canvas. This LTI allows you to create meeting links from the Rich Content Editor. Learn more about installing and using this LTI, view Microsoft Teams Meetings in Canvas‌.

Zoom LTI

If you need to configure your Canvas instance with the Zoom LTI, please view the LTI Pro for Canvas document from the Zoom Help Center.

If you would like to connect with students using Zoom as your conferencing tool, you have the ability to add a Zoom Meeting to your Canvas Course, Course Announcement, Module, or via Calendar. Please view Zoom in Canvas for more information on adding Zoom to Canvas.

View this Community post for creating a Canvas assignment for Zoom attendance.


ConferZoom is a proprietary conferencing system used by the California Community College system. For more information on ConferZoom, view the ConferZoom Support Guides.


Institutions that use WebEx can learn more about configuring and using the tool by viewing the Install the Webex Education Connector for Canvas and the Webex Education Connector FAQs.

For specific resources, Teachers or Students can visit the Help Center.