Canvas Data Page Views

Community Champion

We're looking at some metrics of user activity, one of which is page views. The wiki_page_fact table has a measure called 'view_count'. I assume this is the number of times a page has been viewed but the numbers I'm pulling from Canvas Data are vastly different from Google Analytics data and the page views on a course's analytics page. For example, using Canvas Data, the total number of view_counts's for all published pages in one course adds up to 436,000, while using the data in that course's analytics page, I get a page view total of 68,000. I thought perhaps this was tie to the requests, so I looked at the requests table and calculated the total number of requests made to the course and got 330,000 which is closer to the view_count total but still falls short and it tabulating items other than Canvas pages. What is the view_count value in Canvas Data counting, which value is an accurate reflection of total page views, and what's the best way to get total page view?