Canvas Data Requests count vs. Canvas Analytics Page Views

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We currently leverage the Canvas Analytics API to query page views as a measure for engagement.

The page views are, typically, less than the counts per user from the requests table - which makes logical sense.  However, the magnitude of this difference bears investigation.

Driving Questions:

  1. Exactly how is page views calculated?
  2. How can that calculation be replicated in the requests table?
  3. What additional "views" information is included in requests table that is "valid" user activity and how much is "noise"? (e.g., does one user action in an assignments page equate to 5 lines in the requests table for some reason)

Some additional context from  @rubyn ​:

I am looking at page_views count.  The results from Redshift doesn't match the Analytics API for the page_views value, nor what I see on the Course Analytics page in Canvas.  Should I count a different thing, or add more filters to get the expected results?

Redshift query:

select u.canvas_id as "user id",

c.canvas_id as "course id",


from requests r

inner join user_dim u on r.user_id =

inner join course_dim c on r.course_id =

inner join enrollment_fact ef on r.user_id = ef.user_id and r.course_id = ef.course_id

inner join enrollment_dim ed on ef.enrollment_id =

where c.canvas_id in ('565')

and ed.type = 'StudentEnrollment'

and ed.workflow_state <> 'deleted'

group by u.canvas_id, c.canvas_id

order by u.canvas_id

compared to Analytics API: