Understanding the requests table: routes, and Canvas URLs

Community Novice

We’re starting to look into some of the data from the Canvas Data with the requests table. We are looking at the URL column to understand what requests are being made most often--and which of those we need to filter out because they are made by automated jobs that we have running. Some of them are intuitive, such as /courses(.:format) taking users to the My Courses expanded listing. However, some of them are more obscure, such as when the route is /api/v1/courses/:course_id/ping(.json)(.:format) or /images/thumbnails/:id/:uuid(.:format). Has anyone started pulling together any resources about these requests? I've been taking a look at the code in general and canvas-lms/routes.rb in particular, but there aren't many comments in the code. It would be really helpful to have this information digestible in plain English