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Discussions/Announcements Redesign: Release Change Log

Discussions/Announcements Redesign: Release Change Log

This document indicates feature updates in the Discussions/Announcements Redesign project. The release date indicates the date the features will be available in the production environment. All noted updates can be tested in the beta environment in advance of its announced release date.

Full details of this project can be viewed in the  Canvas Release: Discussions/Announcements Redesign, which is updated on the release date.



New Features

One Click Mark as Read [Added 2024-07-08]

Users can mark discussion entries as read by clicking the Unread icon or selecting the Mark as Read link. To mark entries as unread, use the Mark as Unread link. To mark the entire discussion thread as read or unread, click the Options icon and select the Mark as Unread or Mark as Read link.


Updated Features

Sort Order of Posts

In Discussions, posts are sorted by the post date in descending order.


Published 2024-07-05

Updated 2024-07-08



Updated Features

Account Level Reported Reply Notifications

At the Account level, admins can enable notifications for Reported Replies when the Discussion Redesign-Reporting feature option is enabled.

Related Ideas: [Notifications] Reported Reply for Discussions Redesign


Edit Anonymous Discussions 

In Discussions, instructors can edit the anonymity details when a discussion has no submissions.

Published 2024-06-21



Updated Features

Discussion View Updated in SpeedGrader [Delayed as of 2024-04-16]

In SpeedGrader, the discussion view is updated to open directly in the iframe. Instructors view the entire discussion and the selected student’s earliest response is highlighted briefly. Additionally, the anonymous student avatars appear identical for each response submitted by an anonymous student.

Published on 2024-04-12



New Features

Unread Count Added to Group List

In Group discussions, a Group list button is available allowing instructors to view the number of unread replies per group.

Published on 2024-03-29



New Features

Discussion History View

When a user edits a submitted discussion reply, instructors can view the edit history of the posts. Additionally, students can view their own edit history.

Related idea: [Discussions] Discussion Post Revision History

Updated: 2023-11-07



New Features

Inline View and Split View for Discussion Threads

In discussions, a button displays that allows Instructors and students to switch between an inline viewing experience or a split view. The Inline view displays replies as threaded and users scroll downward, similar to the legacy discussions. The split view displays threaded replies in a tray.




Updated Features

Anonymous Discussion Message

When an observer views a fully anonymous discussion, the text now displays This is an anonymous Discussion. Student names and profile pictures are hidden. When an observer views a partially anonymous discussion, the text now displays Students have the option to reply anonymously. Some names and profile pictures may be hidden.




Updated Features

Quoted Reply Preview Shortcut Link

When a user views a reply in the reply sidebar, and the entry is quoted, the entry with the quoted reply includes a Go To Quoted Reply link in the Settings menu. This link acts as a shortcut and lets the user view the reply with the original quote.

Reply Reporting Color

When a user reports a discussion, the Report button no longer includes an orange background.




New Features

Anonymous Discussions

Discussions allow teachers to create anonymous discussions. This option displays when creating a new discussion for a course. By default this option is set to off. When anonymity is turned on for a discussion, grading and groups are not supported.

When the Discussion Settings menu option is selected for students to create discussions, the option is also included to allow students to create anonymous discussions. This option is not selected by default.

Users with a teacher, TA, or designer role in the course will never be anonymous. However, student names and profile pictures are hidden from other course members, including teachers. Admins who are not explicitly enrolled as a teacher, TA, or designer and create a reply also display as anonymous. Additionally, users who view a course without having a course enrollment (such as when participating in a public course) also display as anonymous.




Updated Features

Reply Reporting

Within individual discussions, replies can be reported by students and teachers. Teachers can choose to enable reporting in the Discussions Settings menu. Once enabled, all users can report replies by clicking the Settings menu for the reply and clicking the Report button.

When a reply is reported by a user, the user must indicate why the reply is being reported (inappropriate, offensive and/or abusive, or Other). Reporting a reply cannot be undone. Once a reply has been reported, the Settings menu for the discussion will display to other users as Reported and cannot be selected again.

Reported Reply Notifications (Teachers)

To be notified of reported replies, teachers can enable the Discussions Reported Reply notification in their account- or course-level notifications page. Email notifications include a direct link to the reply that has been reported. Reporting a reply does not hide the reply; all replies are still visible to all users. However, teachers can choose to edit or delete the reported reply.

Note: Once a reply is reported, it will always display as Reported and cannot be cleared by teachers.




Updated Features

Availability Dates

Availability From and Until dates display for Discussions.

Multiple Due Dates

When multiple due dates are assigned for a discussion, the discussion assignments are shown along with the assignment details. For individual students added to the assignment, the student names are displayed. 

If more than 10 students are assigned to a due date, the first 5 students are displayed followed by a button to view more student names.

Threaded Reply Management

The Settings menu in threaded messages includes the option to Mark Thread as Read and Mark Thread as Unread.




New Features


Users can mention other users in discussion replies by using the @ symbol.


Users can quote other replies as part of their discussion reply.

Updated Features

Reply Sidebar

A discussion reply can support up to one additional reply. When a reply includes additional replies, the number of replies is displayed, as well as the number of unread replies (specific to the user viewing the reply). All replies are nested together and displayed in a sidebar. 




Updated Features

Discussion Replies

Discussion replies include a timestamp. Additionally, discussion posts are sorted by most recent reply.


The Options menu includes the Add Rubric link for teacher roles.




New Features

Role Labels

Role labels are displayed for TA roles, Teacher/Instructor roles, and discussion authors.

Updated Features

Announcements Parity

Added classic Announcements parity functionality:

  • Users must post before seeing replies
  • Reply posts can be marked as read or unread
  • Announcement time stamp edit display
  • Announcement delay post alert (teachers/instructors)

Discussions Parity

Added classic Discussions parity functionality:

  • Users must post before seeing replies
  • Reply posts can be marked as read or unread
  • Discussion time stamp edit display
  • Multiple Due Dates
    • Addition: Individual student names are displayed instead of the total number of students
  • Previous/Next buttons for Modules
  • Group Discussions
  • Peer Reviews
  • Add to student to-do list

Graded Discussions

For Graded Discussions, This is a Graded Discussion line has been removed before the number of points possible.

Imported Discussions

Imported discussions no longer include details about the prior author.

Toolbar Persistence

The toolbar at the top of a thread is no longer persistent upon page scrolling, as this behavior was negatively affecting mobile users.

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