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Role pills

The August 21 release included "Role Pills -- you will see role labels on Discussion topics and replies for TA roles, Teacher/Instructor roles, and discussion Authors". 

We have multiple course roles based on the teacher role, but only users with the standard Teacher role have the role pill when they write posts or comments.

This is a major inconvenience for us, because at our university we have different types of teachers (each with their own course role permissions and specific course role name), as well as administrative staff that have a course role based on Teacher. So students and staff need to see a role pill with the correct course role name for the other teacher-based roles when they post or comment.

Hope you can add this to the next release! 🙂

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Thanks for the request and details @d_j_corbin! Will see what we can do to support custom roles.

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The "Role Pills" are misleading. After they showed up on a new announcement in my course, I did a lot of hit-or-miss searching here in the Canvas Community to find out what they are. I was hoping for a way to change them. My new announcements have "pills" saying "Author" and "Teacher," but I am not an author and am not sending my resume, just an announcement. That label erroneously gives the impression that I am a published author, not the "author" of that announcement. Something like "Sender," "Originator," or "Thread Starter" might be more accurate, or a simple icon might work.