Uploading SPED and SSRV Files to ElevateCALPADS

Currently the ElevateCALPADS File Loader does not accept SPED and SSRV because they are generated from SEIS. Follow the steps in this article to edit these files and then upload them to the ElevateCALPADS File Loader.

Download the SPED/SSRV File

Download SPED/SSRV (and eventually the PSTS/STSE) files from SEIS.  

Open the File in Notepad

In Windows Explorer, right-click on the downloaded file, select Open with, and select Notepad.

Remove all Double-Quotes from the File

Once the file is open in Notepad, select/highlight a single double-quote from around one of the words in the file. (This populates what is needed in the next step so you don’t have to type it in manually.)

Once the character is selected/highlighted, select Replace from the Edit menu.

The Replace window appears with the double-quotes already in the “Find what:” box.

Click the Replace All button in the Replace window.  This removes all the double-quotes throughout the entire file.

Click the Cancel button to close the Replace window.

Delete Unnecessary Header Information

Highlight the Header Row of data. In the screenshot below it appears as two rows. Select everything above the first row that starts with SPED,A.

 Delete this information and save the file.

Upload the File to ElevateCALPADS

Log into ElevateCALPADS File Loader. Look for the files and select a comma as the delimiter field. (Read more about uploading CALPADS data.)

Click the Upload Files button.