Alignment Extract Report

An Alignment Extract report is a data file that shows every alignment to every asset in the system with the status of "Aligned." These files display any alignments that are a result of tolerance level (i.e., red text standards above tolerance level). Because these files are typically very large, when one is requested it may not be available for several days. These files are typically used by clients to upload the alignment data into their system.

To run the Alignment Extract report:

1. Choose Request Alignment Extract from the Reports menu. (Alternatively, choose Reports to go to the main Manage Reports page, and then click the link for Alignment Extract Report, located in the "Nightly Jobs and Reports" section.) The Nightly Jobs and Reports page opens.

2. Click the Alignment Extract link to open the Alignment Extract page:

3. Make appropriate selections for File Options and Content Options. Refer to Alignment Report for more details about the options available.

4. Click Schedule to request the report. You see a confirmation notice telling you that your request has been received. When the Alignment Extract report is ready, an email will be sent to you, if you requested to receive one.