Alignment Planning Reports

You can generate Alignment Planning reports to see changes in data since a specified date. There are two types of Alignment Planning reports available:

  • Added / Changed / Removed Documents Report: Lists standards documents added, removed, or changed since a specified date
  • Existing Documents Changes Report: Lists GUIDs added or removed in existing documents since a specified date. Includes revised standards text.

To request either of the Alignment Planning reports:

1. Click the Reports menu to open the Manage Reports page.
2. Click the link for "Added / Changed Documents Report" or "Existing Document Changes Report."

On the next page, select your File Options as follows:

1. Select a file format (Excel, HTML, or comma-separated).
2. Enter a filename.
3. Indicate if the report should be split by state or by subject. If “No,” one file is generated for the entire report. If “State,” one file is generated per state. If “Subject,” one file is generated per subject.

4. Then select your Content Options.

5. Specify whether the report should include everything or be limited to particular standards documents. To limit the report, choose an option from the Deliver drop-down option.

“Project” limits standards data to an existing alignment project. You will then need to select a project from the drop-down list as well as a workflow.

“Custom” limits standards data to a particular standard set. Select the standard set from the drop-down list or you may build a new standards set by selecting [build new set] to the right of the Standard Set drop-down.

6. Select the month and year for the Since Date. The report will include changes made to your license since the date selected.
7. Select the status of changes to include in the report.

“Added” includes standards documents added through license expansion or because new data was captured in a Subject Authority Unit already on your license.
"Changed” includes standards documents that have experienced some level of change in the data (e.g., standards added or revised) since the date selected.

8. Click Schedule.

The Manage Reports page appears, and the report you requested is listed in the "Requested Reports" table as a "Document Report" or a "Changes Report," depending on which Alignment Planning report you generated.

When your report has been generated, it appears in the “Generated Reports” table.