Asset Report

The Asset Report allows you to view all of the assets you have loaded into the Alignment System for a given Asset Type. Here is an example of an Asset Report:

The report shows the Unique ID and Asset Title for every asset loaded within the selected parameters. This report shows information according to the default report settings, but you can customize it using a Custom Layout.

To request an Asset Report and/or customize it:

1. Click the Reports menu to open the Manage Reports page.

2. Click the Asset Report link.

(As an alternative, you can choose Reports > Request Reports > Asset Report.)

3. On the Request Reports > Asset Report page, set your File Options. 

Note: You can choose not to set parameters for your report output which will result in reporting all Subjects and Grade Levels.

  • Format: Choose a file type from Excel, HTML, PDF, or Comma Separated.
  • Layout: Choose "None" to use the default layout template or if you want the report to use a customized layout template, select it from the drop-down menu. See Creating Report Layouts for more information on layouts.
  • Filename: Type a name for your report file. If you leave this blank, the report automatically generates a name for the report.

4. Set your Content Options.

  • Deliver: Choose "Everything," "Project" or "Custom." If you choose "Project," the asset set is determined by parameters of a particular project. Select the project from the Project drop-down menu that appears. After you select a project, you have the ability to select which asset workflow status(es) you want included in the report.
  • If you choose Custom, choose an asset set.
  •  Asset Set: Select the assets for your report. If you choose "All," the report covers all assets. If you choose "Custom Set," choose from previously defined asset sets or click [build new set] to build a new asset set.

5. Click Schedule to request your report.