Creating Report Layouts

You can customize any type of report using report layouts. Layouts let you control the fields that appear on a report so you can display the fields that are most important to you and formatted to your needs.

You can use a layout with any type of report in the Report Management System (RMS). The layout is a format that is specific to one Asset Type. So, you may create a layout for the “objectives” Asset Type, and it can be used to format any type of report (alignment, gap, etc.) for the “objectives” Asset Type.

To create or edit a report layout:

  1. Choose Reports > Manage Reports to go to the RMS.
  2. Click the link for Create Report Layouts.

The Create Report Layouts page appears.

  1. Select an Asset Type for which you want to create a layout.
  2. Click Select. Any layouts that you have for that Asset Type are listed, along with a link for creating a new layout.

  1. Choose an existing layout or click Create A New Layout to create a new one.

You see a page showing details about the layout.

Make selections or edits as follows:

Layout Name: Provide a name for the layout.

Page Layout: Click Show Options to see all the options you can specify for the report as a whole, such as page orientation, the report title, and headers/footers. Note: An option with an asterisk (*) is not available when the HTML file type is selected for a report.

Column Layout The "Show Column" lists fields that will be shown in the report. The "Hide Column" contains fields that are hidden and not displayed in the report. Note: Only fields that are marked "Reportable" in the Asset Type will be available for use in a layout. The fields are color coded according to the property type displayed. Green indicates that the property is from the assets. Blue indicates information from the standards document. Red is information about the alignments.

Moving Columns - Simply drag and drop the fields you want into the "Show Column" on the left from the "Hide Column" on the right. You can also drag and drop vertically to change the order in which the fields are displayed.

Editing a field - If you double-click any field, you can edit the name of the field in the report. This name is the column header in the report and does not affect the name of the field in the Asset.

Editing the Details - If you double-click on a field, the right side of the screen shows "Column Details" where you can format the information that will appear in that column. You may edit the column width, enable text wrapping, or edit the following information for both the rows and the column header itself.

  • Background Color (select a color from the drop-down menu)
    • Text Color (select a color from the drop-down menu)
    • Bold, Italics, and Underline font
    • Alignment (Left, Center, or Right)
  • Vertical Alignment (Top, Center, or Bottom)

When you are finished making selections, click Save Layout if you are creating a new one, or click Update Layout. You may also click Delete if you want to delete a layout.

Once you save or update a layout, you may use it when running any type of report by selecting it from the "Layout" drop-down menu.