Find Assets Report

Find Assets is an interactive report that shows you which common terms/concepts have been linked to your Assets.

To use the Find Assets report:

1. Click the Reports menu to open the Manage Reports page.
2. Click the Find Assets report link in the "Interactive Reports" section. The Request Reports > Find Assets page appears.

3. Choose a subject from the Subject drop-down menu and click Continue.

4. Choose the appropriate strand from the Strand drop-down menu and click Continue.

5. A list of Common Terms/Concepts are displayed. The number of Assets with this confirmed concept is displayed in parentheses to the right of the concept itself.

6. To see the Assets associated with the concept, click the blue number to the left.

7. Click on the Unique ID for any of these Assets to open a new tab or window that shows this asset on the Align Assets by Concept page.