Grade Coverage Report

A Grade Coverage Report is a type of Alignment Report. It shows you the number of aligned resources for a given set of state standards. After selecting the Asset Type and State you wish to report on, this report will detail the number of aligned standards out of the total number of standards available for that grade.

In the example below, Unique ID 3.1 in Content Standards has two aligned standards out of a total of 37 Kindergarten standards, with a percentage of 5.41% coverage for Grade K. This example shows the report against each asset and shows information according to the default report settings.

The power in this report is that you can "group" assets together, and get a summary of coverage.  By using

 a report layout (see Creating Report Layouts), you can identify an asset property by which to group the assets and show  grade coverage for a set of assets, like an item bank, for example.  By selecting "subject" you can see the coverage of your bank across all standards in a document.

See Alignment Report for additional directions on how to create a Grade Coverage Report.