Roll-Up Gap Report

The Roll-Up Gap Report is a Standards Gap Report with a slightly different format. In the event that multiple Assets have been aligned to the same standard, the Default Standards Gap Report will repeat the line with the standard in it. This can result in very long files. The Roll-up Gap Report alters this format so that if there are multiple alignments, they are all displayed on the same line.

The image above shows three assets: ABC, DEF, and GHI all aligned to Alaska standard A.2. In the Roll-up Gap, these are displayed on one line on the right. In the default, they are on multiple lines on the left.

To request a Roll-up Gap Report:

1. Click the Reports menu to open the Manage Reports page and click Roll-Up Gap. (Alternatively, choose Request Reports > Roll-Up Standards Gap Report from the Reports menu.)

2. Refer to the instructions outlined for a Standards Gap Report, but before requesting the report, select the "Reportable Level Options" in the last section of the Standards Gap Report page.

3. Specify the number of levels from the asset hierarchy to include as context. The number one is default and will only show information about the aligned asset.

Asset Display: Select to display the Unique ID or the Title for the aligned assets.

Reportable Level: If the asset type is hierarchical, you may want to display the parent information instead of the asset itself. Enter a number in this field to determine how many levels to roll up in the report. The default is “1”, which will display the asset information (not rolled-up). Entering “2” will report the alignments rolled up to the second (parent) level, etc.

4. Click Schedule to request the report.