Snapshot Report

A Snapshot Report provides an overview percentage of how many standards have alignments for a chosen state (or states) and specific asset type, across a selectable set of grades and strands.

A Snapshot Report shows any red text standards above the tolerance level or tab as an alignment at the time the system was last updated. Depending on how your account is configured, this can either be red standards on given tabs, or red standards above a particular tolerance level.

Snapshot reports are not real time reports, but are based upon the last time the system captured (took a "snapshot") the information. Snapshots are updated periodically in most accounts. The date of the last snapshot update can be found at the top of the Manage Reports page.

Please consult Support if you would like to discuss the frequency of snapshot updates in your account.

To run a Snapshot report:

1. Choose Reports to go to the main Manage Reports page, and then click the link for Snapshot Job, located in the "Nightly Jobs and Reports" section. The Snapshot page opens:

2. Choose Yes or No as to whether you want an email notification when the report is ready.

3. From the Snapshot drop-down menu, choose Everything, Project, or Custom.

4. If you choose Project, the project drop-down menu appears; choose a project. If you choose Custom, the "Asset Set" appears; choose an asset set.

5. Click Schedule to request the report. You see a confirmation notice telling you that your request has been received. When the report is ready, an email will be sent to you, if you requested an email.