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i just created a free canvas account. now i want to delete it completely. how do i do that? i cannot find anything on my profile dashboard, or any information about it. 

Any information would be appreciated. 



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Hi @david186 ,

You yourself cannot delete your free-for teacher account, as there is no admin that controls it for a school. However, if you really wanted to, you could reach out to Canvas Support and request for your account to be deleted if you really want it to.


However you cannot delete it yourself, at least from what I know of.


Reach out with any questions,


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Hi @Jvidal363 ,

Have you gotten assistance yet?

It appears your school pays for canvas, meaning your school's admin or I.T. department manages your account, and instructure themselves wouldn't remove it as it's in a different canvas instance than free for teacher.


Hope this helps you and anyone else out there looking for this answer!

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