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Email already in use

My school does not use Canvas. I am using Canvas because I used it before and by far is better than google classroom. I have all my students enroll in the curse, but somehow they are not able to log in, and it says you are already a user when they try to log in. I am not sure what to do. I have a Spanish class and a World Cultures class. School will not help because they do not have a contract with Canvas. 

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Hi, I am going to send you a direct message so you can let me know which students are having trouble. You may need to enable direct messages in your profile here within the community to see my note. Thanks! 

Edit: you do not have private messages enabled, so please go to your avatar in the top right --> my settings --> preferences --> private messenger. When you enable, send me a note (@kevinmeredith) with the following: 

1. Post your course url in a message reply

2. Send me a list of students who are having trouble. Thanks!

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I am also having this issue. When students accept my invitation into my class, they are not prompted to set a password. Some students are unable to log back in after this. Then in trying to reset their password, they are told that they can not because their email is already in use.

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Yes, some of my students get frustrated and actually create new gmail accounts to get arround the problem.


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