Moving to another school - don't want to lose all my content created from this year's courses.

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So I may not be returning to my current school in the fall and I've spent the last 2 years creating wonderful content on Canvas that I don't want to lose. I tried moving my course to the commons but when I check it out, only the bare shell made the move. All the content embedded with external tools is gone. Links no longer work. Even all my question banks and quizzes are missing. I see the small number of classic quizzes, but all the ones I made with new quizzes have disappeared. 

Do you just have to start all over when you move to a different school system or is there a way to save my content somehow?

Thank you!

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Community Coach

Hi @arary ...

You could export your course and then import it into a Free For Teachers environment.  However, keep in mind that there is a storage limit of 500 MB per course in FFT.  Then, when you move to another school, you could either export the course from FFT and import it into your new school's Canvas environment (if that is what they use), or you could use the original export file (if you had not made any modifications in FFT to the course).

You'll also want to refer to the linked PDF file at the top of this page which compares a paid Canvas environment with the FFT version: Free-for-Teacher Account FAQ - Instructure Community (

Let Community members know if you have any questions about this...thanks!

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