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Canvas Tool Guide for Teachers

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For the University of Auckland's 2015-2016 migration to Canvas, the CreATE team developed an infographic poster to introduce teaching staff to some of the options for their courses: the Canvas Tool Guide for Teachers.

The intention of this guide is to give staff a snapshot of the pedagogical implications of different tools - do they focus on information transfer or assessment of learning? Are they passive, or do they facilitate interaction and co-creation of content? The goal is to take staff beyond "try out this cool feature!" and into "which tools best suit your course objectives, teaching process, and underlying educational philosophy?"

We are currently working on two complementary guides:

  • Canvas Assignment Guide for Teachers - featuring Speedgrader, Rubrics, group work, peer review, and different submission types
  • Canvas Course Organisation and Flow for Teachers - featuring organisational functions like Modules, prerequisites and requirements, student groups, and different home page options

This poster is based on the Moodle Tool Guide by Joyce Seitzinger​, and was developed by the CreATE team ( @d_ellis ,  @jacqui_thornley ​,  @s_tickner ​, nicoletta.rata​,  @s_leichtweis ​,  @c_swanwick ​, and Adrienne Moyle).

It is Creative Commons licenced, so you are welcome to adapt it to your own institution's context. Attached to this document are the A3 poster, a black and white version, and the InDesign source files.