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Roll Call Attendance: Same Day Class & Lab

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We have faculty members who would like to use Roll Call Attendance twice a day in the same course, to track attendance in the classroom and the lab. Roll Call only allows us to take attendance once per day in a course. One workaround we thought of is to use Roll Call for classroom attendance and manually create assignments to track attendance in the labs. Has anyone found a better workaround for this classroom situation? Thank you!

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Unfortunately, no, we don't actually use badges this way (mostly for the reasons you stated). We tried and it just didn't work for the students.

Another work around that we've used is to create an attendance assignment and include a rubric with the class dates and a column for each part of the day you'd like to take attendance. It's a little more cumbersome than using regular Attendance, but gives you more flexibility in grading and allows students to see exactly what they missed/attended for each day.

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