Add Star Toggler Button To Canvas Modules


I think a good feature to consider adding in the future is to let students click a star icon in module headers and items. Like Gmail and other email sites, users can mark something as important by clicking a star icon. The star icon can help remind the student to go back to that module item or module and they can remember where some important information is located. This is especially helpful when a school instructor makes long modules containing dozens of items.

For reference, I am a student who uses Canvas.

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Community Team
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I would love to be able to star a specific module!

To add to that idea - I think starred modules should show up somewhere. I think maybe on Dashboard with all the other courses as "Starred Modules". My university publishes courses related to student support,  mental health, preparing for the workplace and general announcements etc., that don't have announcements often or don't have relevant announcements. They're great, but I don't check them every day and only attend meetings relevant to me. I had some time to explore a bit and just found some great resources under modules that I would like to go through later. I would love a reminder somewhere. Maybe under its own heading in the side bar with Coming Up and Recent Feedback

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