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Allow Lists to be Pasted when using "Share to..." Feature

Allow Lists to be Pasted when using "Share to..." Feature

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At this time colleague email addresses must be searched or pasted individually in order to "Send to.." multiple people. 

The ability to copy a list (separated by commas) into this field would be a game changer for sharing content more widely.

For instance - having an entire PLC list ready to go for sharing common assessments.

Also a need at our school is sharing Announcements and Pages to all staff members* for distributing to their individual classes - building/schedule logistics and for things like spirit events for students           *working with District to tech to allow for the actual "All Staff" email function code as in our Gmail accounts would be even better.

Current work-around is to have all staff added to a "school events/announcements" course as TA's and then share via Gmail instructions to "Copy to.." their own course. Just looking to simplify further for department and event coordinators such as myself.

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@SLHS_KG  Thanks for sharing these ideas. Unfortunately, we aren't able to move this submission forward for conversation, as it combines multiple requests in a single idea. Please read through How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community? for guidance on writing singularly focused prompts and resubmit each of the ideas separately.