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Allow a List to be Pasted when using "Send to.." Feature

Allow a List to be Pasted when using "Send to.." Feature

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The ability to copy a list of emails (separated by commas) into the "Send to.." field on the content sharing page would be a game changer for sharing content more widely. At this time colleague email addresses must be searched or pasted individually in order to use the "Send to.." feature when sharing with multiple people. Pasting a list is currently possible when adding People to a course. 

Ideas for use:

  • having an entire PLC list ready to go for sharing common assessments
  • sharing Announcements and Pages to all staff members in a building for distributing to their separate courses (i.e. containing building updates and spirit event info for students).
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Instructure Alumni
Status changed to: Open
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This would be an excellent feature to simplify sharing resources across building and district PLCs. 

Especially when considering the opportunity to share pre-formatted announcements or assessments throughout the district, most people wouldn't even know which teachers to search for. The ability to paste an email list from the district's science department head, for example, to share a common assessment could be a game-changer that benefits everyone.

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This would be very helpful!

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This would be a great feature to add!

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This would be a very useful tool!

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This would be such a time saver. We work with teachers from other schools in our district and this would increase productivity 

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This would be a game changer! It would save us so much time! PLEASE, PLEASE make this happen!