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Add an "assigned to" date and that appear on the calendar for students to see that the assignment is assigned but then keep the "due date" put the due date on the calendar as a reminder instead of a link to the assignment.

We could be assigning students a worksheet but it's not due for a few days later.

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Thanks for sharing this idea. You might also be interested in exploring this related idea that requests something similar, but for students' to-do lists: New Quizzes: show Available from date in students'... - Canvas Community (We recognize that the linked idea is specific to "New Quizzes," but inasmuch as the new quiz tool is based on the assignment type, it might have applicability that extends beyond New Quizzes.)

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This would be so helpful while I am teaching in Hybrid.

If I see students Monday and Wednesday and give them an assignment on Tuesday that is not due until Friday, they only see the due date and for some of them that does not allow enough time to get the assignment completed.

Many of my students need to see a list of "What is assigned for TODAY."

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Parents and students have been arguing that they don't know work has been assigned. For example, I assign classwork that will take two days. It has an available date of 1/5 and a due date of 1/6. Students and parents see assignments listed by due date - they don't have the option to sort by date assigned. 

On the calendar view, the assignment I assigned on Monday (with a due date of Tuesday by 8 am), it doesn't show up at all on Monday - it shows up on Tuesday, so a parent that doesn't look at the assignment and read the directions where I have more detailed instructions about when it is due) will look at the calendar and see that Monday is blank. They are assuming no work was assigned.

This is very frustrating. It would be helpful if students and parents could see assignments posted in the calendar and stream on the date they are actually assigned. 




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This issue has been bugging for some time now. In order to reflect the day that we started the assignment, I have to use the due date, which leads to submissions being marked "late". Very frustrating. Hopefully a solution comes soon. 

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When assignments are created they are posted to the calendar on the date due. It would be helpful if they were posted on the start date as well. 

Now either an event has to be created that refers to the assignment and posted on the start date.

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I would like to see calendar assignment reminders appear as multi-day events (a long bar that spans the available dates is common in calendar programs) but with also some indication of the due date. 

Perhaps the existing marker at the due date with a simple line extending out to the available times?

Also when editing due dates on the calendar by clicking and dragging, I would want the indicator for the available dates to move with the reminder, changing the availability dates to the same number of days before and after the adjusted reminder.  

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Create a assigned date for an assignment, quiz or other gradable content along with the due date.  Pair this with being able to sort assignments by due date or date assigned make things more organized.

Currently many users put the assigned date in the assignment title, which can be problematic with other systems that sync with Canvas.  It also would make it easier to change when altering the due date instead of editing the assignment title.

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Can you please add a feature that on calendar that displays assignments spanned over several days? Currently, my students can only see when an assignment are due date on the due date. 

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Problem statement:

Currently, in the Canvas for Elementary user interface, if you put a due date on an assignment or a to-do date on a page, it will populate in the students' schedules. However, it only appears on the one date. This is an issue if you have an assignment that the students complete every week or every two weeks. Additionally it is a problem is it's an assignment or a page that students need to work on for several days in a row. It will only show on their C4E schedule for the date you originally put it on.

Proposed solution:

We would like to have the option for assignments to reoccur (every week, bi-weekly, etc.) and we would also like the option for assignments to last for two days, three days, etc. Many elementary students do not finish a Canvas assignment in one day or finish looking at the page I want them to look at in one day. We want to be able to specify that we are working on the assignment three days in a row and for it to show on the students' schedules that way. The schedule is such an amazingly quick way to get students to their work for each subject for the day. There needs to be a way when setting up the assignment that we can make it reoccur or last multiple days other than going back in later to change the due date.

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