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Our organization, like most, create multiple sections of each course each term. These sections are generally taught by the same instructor but meet at different dates/times and thus require different time specific information, but generally the same course content. I would love for students to have the ability to self enroll in their desired section from Canvas Catalog, as opposed to being forced to create separate courses all together to accomplish this goal. These separate courses are cumbersome (multiple clicks and global course navigation for a task that could be completed in 1 or 2 clicks if they were sections) for the instructors and admin team. 

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Yes, I would love to see registration by section, but also the ability to duplicate a listing so it could work with multiple sections. We have also seen the need, because we use this for in-person CE is an ability to send reminder emails of a course date and time coming and adding a Zoom link to communicate with the registrants.

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Agree to have implemented ASAP! 

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Our institution also wants this feature.
Currently we create duplicate courses in Canvas, but with this feature we could skip that step and cut down on the administration.

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Yes, our institution would love to have this feature. Instead of having to duplicate courses we could use the same one for different groups of people. Since all of our users self-enroll through Canvas Catalog this would be very helpful.