Confetti on Grades page appears when ALL assignments graded/complete

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Near the end of each course, we receive many emails form students asking us to double-check that they have completed all of their assignments. We tell them it is their responsibility to check their grades page and make sure every assignment shows a checkmark or a numeric score and that if they have an X or a dash, something is still missing or incomplete. However, we still get emails asking if we can check for them, and we simply do not have the time and resources to do this for all of our students.

Is there a feature in Canvas currently available that would show confetti on the Grades page only when ALL assignments show as complete. I know this can be done for ontime submissions, but I am looking for an END OF COURSE/EVERYTHING IS COMPLETE feature, not an individual assignment feature.


Or, is there another feature that would allow something like this?

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What a cool idea!!!  I could imagine a super fun animation of the Canvas panda blasting off in a rocket ship. It would end with fireworks filling the screen.