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Download essay questions

Download essay questions


This idea is to add the ability to download each student's responses to essay questions on a quiz formatted the same way we already bulk download all assignment submissions. 

In online courses, essay questions on exams need to be checked for plagiarism, and this would allow the downloaded files to be uploaded into a plagiarism scanner.


This much-needed New Quizzes feature idea is similar to an archived idea submitted by  @RebeccaMoulder ‌," modifiedtitle="true" title="Download All File Upload Su... In her original idea, Moulder notes that this is needed to achieve  feature parity with classic Quizzes.

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Actually I just discovered that Canvas already does this. You download the assignment analytics and it is a spreadsheet. The  essay answers appear as text. I just copied and pasted them into a word doc with the cell formatting. 

Click on the quiz, then quiz statistics, then student analysis. It takes a bit of time to create the file, and then boom! all your data is there. Just use what you want.#essay questions

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Happily a resubmission of the file upload bulk-download feature idea is open for voting, thanks to mb_tju:

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Cutting and pasting into a new document is already the work-around.  I'm not sure I understand what is gained by copying from an analytics spreadsheet. 

The goal of this idea is replace the need to copy and paste student responses into a new document, by allowing the download of a single document for each student in a format that can be uploaded and scanned by plagiarism checkers.  Ideally the download would happen for all students at once, just like the bulk download from assignments, as a zip file filled with individual documents for each student's quiz.

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This would be really helpful.  Downloading in bulk is not very practical at all.  I'd like to see the automatic feature to allow essay responses in quizzes to go through TurnItIn.  Why not?  It is possible in other types of assignments. But quizzes are much easier to time and monitor.  We need this urgently!

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@sjsiena  I agree that an automatic submission feature to various plagiarism programs is a good idea, but until canvas can export the questions in a format those programs will use, the automatic submission to a plagiarism checker will not be possible. A download option is just the first step.  Then the next step would be to work with the various integrated plagiarism checkers, such as turnitin or unicheck.

These are the related ideas I've found that could build off of this, of course there will always be other programs (such as that do not already have an integration, and a bulk download speeds the file transfer process for those programs:

There is also a discussion about the need for a quiz response download option here:

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Hello! I am new in this voting process in the community, so here is a silly question: where do I find the option to vote DEFINITELY YES for this feature? 

I am super-fond of the New Quizzes but they still present important faults and lack basic functionalities like this: being able to obtain students answers to all questions. All of them, so professors can do plagiarism analysis, data analysis, etc. We have this feature in the Classic Quiz and it is frequently used in my institution.

I hope Instructure do not force new quizzes before they are able to cover main use cases like this one..


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@alicia_campos  To "vote" on an idea look for the stars below the description and give it a rating.  It can also be helpful to share how you would make use of the idea if it were made available, by adding a comment.

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@Steven_S thank you! I have found the stars at the top of this page. Hopefully those are the stars you referred to 🙂

Possible use, in addition to make easier checking for plagiarism in tests:  

In surveys,  essay questions are used to allow students comment o their needs in the course, materials, possible improvements.. We need a way to collect/download these answers in bulk. It is very time consuming and bad user experience for professors having to go one by one reading and doing data analysis in a separate xlsx file.

It would be nice to know why this feature has been removed in the New Quiz when we already had it in the Classic Quiz? did anybody voted  against it? I seriously doubt it...

Thank you! 

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Yes, Yes, Yes  This is needed to effeciently handle essay questions.

In this thread there is a suggestion that you can exporting the quiz answeres through 'assignment analytics'  but I see no  option to do so 

I.e.,  do not think this statement below is correct for New Quizzes, but instead is needed

Actually I just discovered that Canvas already does this. You download the assignment analytics and it is a spreadshee   ....   Click on the quiz, then quiz statistics, then student analysis.


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Please add a Download data feature in New Quizzes.  As Excel &/or PDF file would be perfect.
Would be convenient to keep track of digital exams for future reference.  At the moment if Students are removed from a Tile all New Quizzes data are lost 😞  Would be useful that NEW QUIZZES allow the download data, either by students or as a 1 file batch.

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Detailed reporting of students answers in new quizzes is required as the review of the same using the Moderate tab (feature) is tedious. ie, the number of clicks it takes in Canvas is considerable and repetitive (have to be done for each student from the begining), while in a csv, excel format, it's all about scrolling.

Additionally, this report will help sharing the data either with admin staff, Faculty not enrolled in the course or external graders, instead of asking them to use Moderate.

At this stage, it's a bottleneck to New Quizzes full adoption.

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New Quizzes feature is heavily used in our organization. In new Quizzes, there is no bulk download submission. I think it would be great for New Quizzes to be able to download into a package/file.

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Quizzes/surveys could include free-text questions. It is interesting to analyze the answers and compare them. I suggest to have a feature to exports students' submission as an CVS/Excel file that faculty can use.

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Yes, the ability to download essay questions from New Quizzes would be a great feature. 

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We should be able to download all of the student submissions from an essay style question on a quiz the way we are able to do it from an assignment.