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Duplicate Outcomes

Duplicate Outcomes

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There should be a "duplicate" option for outcomes. This would be a time saver when setting up a series of outcomes for a class that all share certain features. Then one could simply edit the portions that are different.

outcome creation tool including tool bar

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This is a great idea to save us all a lot of time but unfortunately, I don't have any quick fixes yet either.

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I would love this feature! Also, I'm surprised the designers didn't think of it at start with - it was the first button I looked for.

Across our senior mathematics curricula, in both year 11 and 12, we have a lot of overlap of outcomes, and the structure of the rubrics are all identical, so this feature would save me lots of time. Unfortunately I think I'll be able to manually replicate them all for my year 11 and 12 subjects faster than Canvas will add the feature. Should we make it a race? Ready set go!

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Please make this a thing.  

I just spent 2 hours of my life writing outcomes and tweaking the settings- over and over again. 


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a way to duplicate outcomes

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I was hoping to find a solution for duplicating folders of Outcomes to other courses, but found these comments instead.  Disappointed that this isn't an option.  You CAN move a folder, but it doesn't duplicate it.  This is going to cost me some hours as well. 



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The closest to a solution I've found is if you copy the folder to another course you and update the titles to amend them and they copy them back into the original course 

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This will be a major timesaver. 

In setting up a curricula is simply necessaire

For the dutch version the translation of outcomes is incorrect. Please consult someone for the right titles for results and outcomes