Hide rubrics to go with assignment dates

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We are a school with A day and B day classes. When I create an assignment it is for both days, so I set my due dates and view times accordingly. They see the assignment and rubric at the start of their class period. I need to be able to publish the assignment/rubric for A day and not have B day see the rubric yet. They don't see the assignment until I have it set for them, but the rubric is visible as soon as it is released to A day, as I just discovered today. We need a way to set this so the rubric is tied to the assignment view time.

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I am assuming that is a desired characteristic because students could glean information about the assignment from the rubric used for grading the work.

I currently do not have a need for this ability, but I can definitely see where that would be desired.

There are probably some work arounds that create more work for you, possible confusion for the students and more clutter - none of which is desirable (I am thinking of modules with a quiz that would need to be completed to get to the assignment and the quiz would then be restricted access for the day of the group)


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This would be really useful - as mentioned above, students are able to glean assignment information from the rubric, which then makes a nonsense of having delayed the release date.