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Hyperlinks and Basic Formatting in Rubrics

Hyperlinks and Basic Formatting in Rubrics

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When building rubrics, it could be very valuable to be able to include hyperlinks or basic formatting to criterion details and rating descriptions. It would make the feedback/feedforward loop much more valuable! Of course, these wouldn't be required in order to use a rubric, but adding the flexibility could definitely change the way some teachers use them as a tool with students.

Recently, I read a blog post by Jennifer Gonzalez of Cult of Pedagogy that demonstrates how Hyper Rubrics can change the way that students interact with rubrics. Students can see them as actionable "next steps" or having the value of linking back to resources that put the level of achievement or skill into context for the learner.

My hope would be that the added hyperlinks would encourage students to reflect upon the rating they receive and have resources ready for them as they think about goal setting, revision, and growth.

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This is a great idea and would be very helpful! I loved that Cult of Pedagogy episode and it got me wanting to hyperlink my rubrics.

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To Whom it May Concern -

There are limited formatting tools available when building a Rubric.

Specifically, Professional and Academic staff at our institution have reported issues when trying to balance font size with column/row width and height; leading to cells/lines that are not uniform - which effects overall appearance and functionality, where criterion do not 'line up' smoothly. 

Would it be possible to enable a Rich Content Editor (type) feature when building/editing Rubrics - and if so, could this extend to changing the alignment (etc.) of table cells or lines?

Other Canvas Community members have noted similar issues in the past, both with altering the Default font, as well as the structure/edit-ability and thereby, usability of Rubrics.  It would be preferable if a basic, user-friendly solution could be found that does not involve HTML 'hacks'.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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I agree with @jongeo567Canvas . I would love to see the RCE built into the rubrics. While it would be nice to have columns align and other formatting options, having the ability to format the text in a meaningful and organized way, as well as hyperlink out to supporting information, would be spectacular. 

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This would be a valued feature - can it please be implemented?

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The rubric, as it currently stands is very restrictive, and doesn't allow any flexibility in the layout and design.

I agree with @jongeo567Canvas   about having the RCE enabled in the rubric, if this was implemented it would make the rubric much more useable.

The ability to put in checkboxes would also be a great addition

Hopefully, the ideas in this thread can be implemented


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All valid ideas and would make rubrics useful, too many work arounds at the moment.


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This would be a great feature.

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It would be great to have RCE features in the rubric that would help in building the effective observation. Also having RCE and radio button (checklist) would let the observer observe two or more than two project concurrently.

Ability to look back at previous unsuccessful attempt's feedback and grading. 

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This RCE enabled in the rubric would make the rubric far more useable.

To be able to add checkboxes in would also be a great addition


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A rich-content editor for rubrics would be phenomenal! Linking within the cell would also allow us to take rubric feedback and the next steps to the next level! Great idea @KristinL

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@mcordes1  agree with your comment but noticed you didn't rate/vote. Would you be able to rate? Only having 15 people rate won't get much push for implementation